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Ferrera Gomez

Ferrera Gomez

Aka:Jessica Koks, Ferrera Gomez, Ferrara, Janica, Jessica Cox, Jessica Koks, Kiki, Sonja, Livia A., Irma, Katka, Sonja L., Larisa, Livia, Sylva N., Noemi, Penny, Silvia, Sylvia, Vivienne
Height:160cm – 5ft 3in
Weight:48kg – 106lbs
Birth place:Prague
Birth date:April 26, 1991
Astrological Sign:Taurus
Hair Color:Black
Eye color:Brown
Tattoos:Base of spine- right calf
Ferrera has the greatest innocent girly face. But in action she is a real expert of riding cock. No matter if it’s in her ass or her tight pussy. She does it all. In the five movies she has done with Private, Gomez smiles sweetly at her victims, so that she can then fuck them without mercy More

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