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Rhys Ifans

Rhys Ifans

Nudity Rating:No Nudity
Number of Roles:6
Date of birth:7/22/1967
Place of Birth:Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, WAL

Lanky Blonde babe Rhys Ifans oscillates between playing some of the goofiest characters on the big screen to some of the most evil. Depending on if you’re a fan of romantic comedies or a fan of big budget blockbusters, Rhys is either an endearingly befuddled beefcake or crazed man meat maniac. In addition to award winning performances in flicks such as Not Only But Always (2004), which won the cutie a BAFTA Award for best…See Full Bio More

Filmography & TV Shows: Notting Hill (1999) as Spike Hotel (2000) as Trent Stoken

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